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DianSheng Gigaminx M

DianSheng Gigaminx M

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The DianSheng Magnetic Gigaminx is a variant of the Rubik's Cube known as the Gigaminx. It is produced by the DianSheng company and features a magnetic mechanism that adds stability and control to its turning.

The Gigaminx is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle, having 12 faces with each face consisting of 31 tiles. This results in a total of 122 movable pieces (12 centres, 20 corners and 90 edges), making it a complex and challenging puzzle to solve.

The DianSheng Magnetic Gigaminx is designed to be smooth and precise, allowing for comfortable and efficient manipulation of its layers. The addition of magnets helps the puzzle maintain its alignment, contributing to improved stability and reducing the likelihood of lock-ups or misalignments during solves.

Due to its higher level of difficulty compared to a regular Rubik's Cube, the DianSheng Magnetic Gigaminx offers a unique solving experience for those looking for a new challenge in the world of twisty puzzles.

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