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GAN 12 M Leap / Maglev

GAN 12 M Leap / Maglev

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GAN 12 M Leap:
The GAN 12 M Leap is an innovative Rubik's Cube that pushes the boundaries of cubing technology. Designed by GAN, a leading brand in the cubing community, this cube introduces groundbreaking features for both speedcubers and puzzle enthusiasts.

The GAN 12 M Leap incorporates a leap motion sensor, a cutting-edge technology that allows users to control the cube with hand gestures. By simply moving your hands and fingers, you can manipulate the cube's rotations, eliminating the need for direct physical touch. This feature offers a new and immersive solving experience that challenges traditional cubing techniques.

Equipped with adjustable magnetic strength and GAN’s advanced gantry system, the GAN 12 M Leap provides exceptional stability and smooth turning. The cube's magnets are strategically placed to ensure consistent and controllable movements, allowing for precise solves at high speeds. Additionally, its sleek design and ergonomic feel make it comfortable to hold during extended solving sessions.

GAN 12 Maglev:
The GAN 12 Maglev is an extraordinary Rubik's Cube that harnesses the power of magnetic levitation technology. Created by GAN, a prestigious brand in the world of cubing, this cube offers an incredibly smooth solving experience with reduced friction and unparalleled stability.

The GAN 12 Maglev utilizes a unique magnetic levitation mechanism where the core and center caps of the cube are suspended by magnets. This innovative design eliminates any physical contact between the rotating pieces, resulting in incredibly smooth and effortless turning. The cube feels almost weightless in your hands, allowing for precise and swift solves.

With its advanced core and gantry system, the GAN 12 Maglev ensures optimal performance in corner cutting and overall speed. The cube's magnets are carefully positioned to provide consistent attraction and sufficient control, making it ideal for both professional speedcubers and cubing enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary solving experience.

GAN 12 Maglev UV:
The GAN 12 Maglev UV takes the magnetic levitation concept of the GAN 12 Maglev to the next level by incorporating ultraviolet (UV) light features. Developed by GAN, a renowned brand in the cubing community, this cube offers a mesmerizing and visually stunning solving experience.

The GAN 12 Maglev UV features built-in UV lights that illuminate the cube's internal structure, resulting in a beautiful and vibrant display of glowing colors. This captivating effect adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to your solving sessions, making it a fantastic option for cubing enthusiasts looking for a unique and immersive puzzle experience.

Utilizing GAN's exceptional core and gantry system, the GAN 12 Maglev UV provides exceptional smoothness, stability, and control during solves. Its magnetic levitation mechanism ensures effortless turning, while the UV lights add a touch of magic to the overall aesthetic. This cube is sure to impress both speedcubers and collectors alike.

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Warning: This product contains small parts and poses a risk of suffocation. It is not suitable for children under three years old to play with. Please read the instructions when using.

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