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GAN 13 Maglev

GAN 13 Maglev

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GAN 13 Maglev FX:
The GAN 13 Maglev FX is an extraordinary Rubik's Cube that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. Designed by GAN, a leading brand in the cubing community, this cube offers an unparalleled solving experience for both speedcubers and puzzle enthusiasts.

The GAN 13 Maglev FX features a revolutionary magnetic levitation mechanism that eliminates friction between the rotating parts. Thanks to its advanced design, the cube offers incredibly smooth and effortless turning, allowing for rapid solves with precise control. The magnetic suspension system ensures consistent attraction and stability, even during high-speed solves.

Equipped with adjustable magnet strength, the GAN 13 Maglev FX allows users to customize the feel of the cube according to their preferences. Whether you enjoy a lighter, more fluid feel or a stronger, more controlled experience, this cube can be tailored to meet your solving style.

GAN 13 Maglev:
The GAN 13 Maglev is a remarkable Rubik's Cube that showcases the latest advancements in cubing technology. Developed by GAN, a renowned brand in the puzzle community, this cube delivers exceptional performance, speed, and stability.

Featuring a magnetic levitation system, the GAN 13 Maglev boasts an incredibly smooth and fast solving experience. With reduced friction and improved stability, this cube allows for effortless turning and precise corner cutting. The magnets integrated within the cube provide consistent attraction, resulting in reliable solves even at high speeds.

The GAN 13 Maglev incorporates an advanced core and gantry system, further enhancing its performance. The cube's design ensures that every turn is smooth and controllable, making it a favorite among competitive speedcubers and enthusiasts seeking a top-tier solving experience.

GAN 13 Maglev UV:
The GAN 13 Maglev UV takes the GAN 13 Maglev to the next level by adding a mesmerizing ultraviolet (UV) light feature. Created by GAN, a trusted brand in the cubing world, this cube offers an immersive, visually stunning solving experience.

The GAN 13 Maglev UV features built-in UV lights that illuminate the cube's internals, creating a captivating glow and enhancing the visual appeal of the puzzle. The UV effect adds a touch of intrigue and excitement to every solve, making it a favorite among collectors and cubing enthusiasts who appreciate unique aesthetic experiences.

With its advanced core and gantry system, the GAN 13 Maglev UV delivers exceptional performance. The cube's magnetic levitation mechanism guarantees smooth and effortless turning, while the UV lights create a striking visual display. This cube is perfect for anyone looking to add an extra level of enchantment to their solving sessions.

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