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GAN 14 Maglev

GAN 14 Maglev

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Experience the apex of 3x3 design with the GAN 14 M MagLev UV 3x3 - an embodiment of precision engineering. Immerse yourself in the vast spectrum of customization possibilities with over 1296 distinct set-up combinations. This cube's adaptability ensures you uncover your personal perfect solving sensation. The inclusion of the GMS v6 Enhanced Core Position 4.0 provides the latest tensioning technique, while the autoaligning range of 15-40 degrees further refines your cubing experience. Accompanied by a freshly designed GAN V11 box and offering 15 levels of magnet adjustment, this cube stands as a testament to innovation.

Discover choice and sophistication with the GAN14 M Maglev 3x3, available in both a UV Coated finish and a matte finish.

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