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GAN 251 Air / M Pro / Leap

GAN 251 Air / M Pro / Leap

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Product Description

GAN 251 Air:
The GAN 251 M Air is a highly sought-after Rubik's Cube known for its innovative design and exceptional performance. Using cutting-edge technology and engineering, GAN has created a cube that is both lightweight and smooth to handle, making it ideal for both beginner and advanced speedcubers.

With the GAN 251 Air, speedcubers can experience fast and effortless turning, enabling them to achieve record-breaking solving times. This cube is known for its exceptional corner-cutting abilities, allowing for smooth and seamless movements across layers.

GAN 251 M Pro:
The GAN 251 M Pro is an upgraded version of the GAN 251 Air, featuring impressive improvements in performance and customization. This magnetic version incorporates GAN's adjustable magnet system, allowing users to fine-tune the cube's feel to their liking.

The GAN 251 M Pro offers a personalized solving experience, as users can adjust the magnet strength to achieve desired levels of stability and control. The cube's turning is extremely smooth and satisfying, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy during solves.

Additionally, the GAN 251 M Pro is known for its comfortable and ergonomic design, providing a pleasant solving experience even during intense speedcubing sessions. Its lightweight build and high-quality construction make it a go-to cube for competitive speedcubers worldwide.

GAN 251 M Leap:
The GAN 251 M Leap is the latest addition to GAN's lineup of Rubik's Cubes, known for its groundbreaking technology and revolutionary features. This flagship cube introduces a new magnet positioning system called "Variable Magnet System" (VMS).

The VMS in the GAN 251 M Leap offers unprecedented customization options, allowing speedcubers to adjust magnet strength not only on the edges and corners but also on the centers. This level of magnet customization provides an unparalleled level of control and performance.

Furthermore, the GAN 251 M Leap showcases exceptional stability, speed, and corner cutting ability, making it an excellent choice for both speedcubing enthusiasts and professional competitors. Its advanced design, smooth turning, and precise magnet alignment make it a top-tier cube in the market.

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