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GAN 356 ME

GAN 356 ME

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The GAN 356 ME Rubik's Cube is a high-performance puzzle designed for speedcubers and enthusiasts seeking the ultimate solving experience. Built with precision engineering and innovative features, this cube sets a new standard for speed and smoothness.

The GAN 356 ME boasts a sleek and streamlined design, crafted for optimal ergonomics and ease of use. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures both durability and nimble handling, allowing for fast and fluid solving. The cube's compact size makes it highly portable, perfect for practicing on the go or taking to competitions.

What sets the GAN 356 ME apart is its groundbreaking magnetic technology. This cube features dual-adjustment magnets, allowing users to customize the magnet strength to their preference. The magnets provide excellent feedback and stability, resulting in more controlled and precise turning.

The GAN 356 ME also incorporates GAN's patented GAN tensioning system. This innovative system allows for effortless tension adjustment, ensuring that the cube provides a customized and comfortable solving experience. Whether you prefer a looser or tighter feel, the GAN 356 ME can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences.

Additionally, this cube comes with a variety of accessories and extras to enhance the solving experience. It includes multiple sets of springs, magnets, and tensioning tools, allowing users to fine-tune the cube's performance to their desired specifications.

With its exceptional performance, customizable features, and thoughtful design, the GAN 356 ME Rubik's Cube is a top choice for competitive speedcubers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Prepare to elevate your solving skills and achieve new personal bests with this cutting-edge cube.


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