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GAN Mirror M UV

GAN Mirror M UV

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GAN Mirror M:
The GAN Mirror M is an intriguing variant of the classic Rubik's Cube that is sure to mesmerize and challenge cubers of all skill levels. With its mirrored surfaces and unconventional shape-shifting capabilities, this cube offers a unique solving experience. The Mirror M features GAN's high-quality magnetic mechanism, providing exceptional stability and smooth turning. As you manipulate the cube's layers, you'll witness stunning patterns and reflections that shift and change with every twist. The GAN Mirror M is a must-have for puzzle enthusiasts looking to take their solving skills to the next level while enjoying the captivating aesthetics of a mirrored Rubik's Cube.

GAN Mirror M UV:
The GAN Mirror M UV combines the extraordinary solving experience of the Mirror M with a dazzling twist. This cube features UV coating on its mirrored surfaces, adding an eye-catching glow and extra visual appeal. The UV coating under ambient light gives the cube a striking appearance, and it truly comes alive under UV light, casting vibrant reflections that dance with every movement. With the same high-performance magnetic mechanism as the Mirror M, the GAN Mirror M UV offers smooth and stable solving, while providing a truly unique and enchanting solving experience. Whether you're a collector or a speedcuber, the GAN Mirror M UV is sure to captivate and delight as you solve and marvel at its radiant display.

Both the GAN Mirror M and GAN Mirror M UV offer an exciting twist on the traditional Rubik's Cube, combining challenging solving capabilities with stunning visual effects. Whether you choose the Mirror M for its mirror-surfaced intrigue or the Mirror M UV for its enchanting glow, both cubes are designed to provide hours of puzzling pleasure for cubers and collectors alike.

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