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MoYu AoSu WR M 4x4

MoYu AoSu WR M 4x4

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Introducing the AoSu WRM, the latest flagship 4x4 release from Moyu. The AoSu WRM boasts a new size of 59mm, previously seen on the highly acclaimed Meilong 4x4. This new size, combined with a sleek design upgrade, results in a puzzle that not only performs better, but is also lightweight. The AoSu WRM is a definite contender for one of the top 4x4s of 2019. This variant of the AoSu WRM features magnets for an even smoother solving experience and comes in both black and stickerless options. With its superior performance and sleek design, the AoSu WRM is a must-have for any 4x4 puzzle enthusiast.

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